Whiting Chronicels

Griffin asks Reagan to Homecoming

Tonight Griffin asked his first girl to a school dance. We made her this cake with a laminated piece of paper with a link to a stop-motion movie that we created online. At one point Griffin asked me… “Mom, do you think we are over-doing it a little?” In which I replied, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” This is a big deal for girls. They love this stuff. I know you don’t care, but girls like boys to put thought into things. Plus, this is my field! You may never have a perfectly clean home, but you can always come to…


black and white dance photography {my girls}

Decided today to take photos of my girls dancing, and thought some black and white dramatic dance photos would be cool to try. It was late (around 5pm) so not a lot of light coming through windows, therefore I had to bump the ISO way up. That was ok with me because the grainy just added to the look I was going for. I think we will try tomorrow with more light too. My girls just had there recitals this week. it was a long week with rehearsals and performances and I was so proud of how far they have come….


she has music in her bones… she is a dancer

Cozie is always flipping around or dancing. When she is cleaning her room she has music going and is dancing through the whole project. She is so happy and full of joy. I love it. Life is so bright and hopeful when she is around. I had to snap a shot of her today. I love her!



One way that children learn about themselves and their world is through their play and play with toys. I remember sitting under a tree in my front yard with a shovel and pail and digging for earth worms. I was counting them to see how many I could put in my bucket. I had reached 85 earthworms before looking up and noticing it had gotten dark. I remember rounding up the kids on our street for a   game of kickball, dressing all my Barbies for the prom, collecting and trading stickers, dancing to my “happy days soundtrack” on my fisher…


this is beef

Beef (our cow) is about 2 years old. We like him…infact, we like  him so much that we are going to let him feed our family for a while. He is so happy right now because we are fattening him right up. So much yummy food for Beef these days.


Pinewood Derby (Rock’s first)

Chad loves the pinewood derby… He sees it as such a great bonding time for him and his sons. They really do work on those cars, start to finish, together. It was darling actually to watch Rock sand and paint and ask about 1 million questions about what makes a car fast and how the race will go. Ok, so that is sweet and I’m glad for their time together, however, I hate race day. (Shhhh). {I’m the Bear Leader so I am probably not suppose to feel like that}. I just watch those boys with there huge smiles slowly loose those…


spending time “Quality vs quantity”

As a mom, I am constantly concerned with how my kids are developing right now in their formative years. I think of what roll I play and how much of their future personalities, ideals, and happiness will be determined by how I raise them. Not sure about that still… I’m really hoping and praying that they all came with strong spirits and will turn out well despite my shortcomings. Here is something that I have been thinking a lot about lately… Every May tensions rise in our home. I think a lot of it is the heat, but I  believe that…


pack night in our back yard

We had our outdoor pack meeting at our house this month. The weather was beautiful and it was a nice change to the cultural hall. I think the boys liked it too. Chad is the Cub Master now. Baahahahhaa! He is SO NOT in his element. Don’t get me wrong. He loves scouts and is awesome with the youth, but cub master has a lot less to do with knives, fires, and honor and a lot more to do with cheering, dancing, and wearing funny costumes. When he got this calling I asked him what it was, and he said,…